Monday, July 28, 2014
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Olympian and Top Coach Returns to SSWSC as Freestyle Director

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC) is pleased to announce that Bobby Aldighieri has been chosen as the new Director of Freestyle. As a former coach with the club, SSWSC believes that Aldighieri’s leadership will be supported by his experience as one of the top mogul athletes in the world and by his years of dedicated coaching at numerous clubs.  

Known for his high-achieving athletic prowess and his excellent coaching, SSWSC chose Aldighieri from numerous applicants and is excited to see him step forward as a role model for the athletes and a knowledgeable leader for the program.

“I am excited to work with the coaches and athletes in all Freestyle disciplines,” Aldighieri said. “It’s important to build up the grass roots level, help build the sport, and maintain the professionalism of the SSWSC programs. This program has a history of excellence- my goal is to keep that excellence going at the highest levels from proper technical coaching for the youngest kids right up through our potential Olympians. I have enjoyed this sport for so long and really feel fortunate to have found a passion that I can pass on to others.”

Aldighieri has a long history of success as an athlete and a coach. He spent 7 years on the US Ski Team where he attained #5 ranking in the World Status. He won a World Cup Gold Medal in 1988 and was part of the 1991 World Championship Team, and then attended the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. After retiring from the US Ski Team, Aldighieri joined the Professional Ski Tour and became the first mogul skier in history to win a World Cup and a Professional Event. Post tour, Aldighieri worked for the SSWSC as head coach of the Mogul Program before coaching the Canadian National Ski Team/Olympic Team and then with the Canadian Sport Institute in Whistler, British Columbia, as their Moguls Talent Development Coach. SSWSC is thrilled to see the return of Aldighieri to a position of leadership where his successes can influence the club’s program.

“Bobby’s coaching record and his history as a top level skier make him an ideal director,” said SSWSC Executive Director Jim Boyne.  “During his tenure with the Canadian National Ski Team/Olympic Team, athletes achieved the first Canadian Podium Sweep in the history of Canadian Skiing. Following, Aldighieri helped to push the Canadian Sport Institute’s Mogul Program to be world-known. When he coached with the SSWSC in the past, he had some of the best athletes excel under his guidance, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see his passion and dedication return to spearhead the Freestyle department.”

Aldighieri’s return to Steamboat will be welcomed by a long line of Olympic athletes and family members. Having grown up in Vermont, Aldighieri transplanted to Steamboat in 1996 and coached with the SSWSC. During that time, Aldighieri helped send numerous athletes to the US Ski Team including Travis Mayer, who won the silver medal at the Salt Lake Games in 2002. His return to the club will be with a heartfelt “welcome home” from the community and club. Aldighieri is married to local Jessica Gray Maniaci, niece to Olympian Moose Barrows, who skied in the 1968 Grenoble Olympics.

The Freestyle Program was formerly directed by Erik Skinner, who served as director for 12 years. Skinner spent 4 years as an athlete and 20 years as a coach before beginning his position as Director. To date, the SSWSC has produced a record of 88 Olympians who have achieved 151 Olympic appearances in 19 Winter Games representing 12 countries; more than any other town in North America.

Bobby Aldighieri

SSWSC Appoints Three-Time Olympian as Alpine Competitive Program Director

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC) is pleased to announce that Caroline Lalive-Carmichael has been chosen as their new Alpine Competitive Program Director. After evaluating a large field of qualified candidates, SSWSC believes that Lalive-Carmichael’s credentials and her long-standing tenure both in Steamboat Springs and with the SSWSC will serve them well as they continue to build upon and enhance their strong Alpine Program.

SSWSC is proud to have a qualified and talented candidate emerge from within the SSWSC. Lalive-Carmichael’s passion for both the Club and Alpine skiing will further energize the SSWSC leadership team, Alpine coaching staff and their membership.

As former Head Coach of the SSWSC U12 Alpine Program, 13-year member of the Women’s US Ski Team, (1996-2009), 3-time Olympian (1998, 2002, 2006),  4-time World Champion Team Member (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005), and a 3-time National Champion (2001, 2002, 2005), Lalive-Carmichael is well-prepared for her new role as Alpine Competitive Program Director.

“I have a unique perspective that I hope will benefit the Alpine Program,” Lalive-Carmichael said. “I grew up with the club. As an aspiring athlete, I had to overcome many of the hardships that any young athlete in our club may encounter. I remember the struggles of having to push myself to reach my Olympic goals, and am grateful to have had world-class coaches who helped me to get there. When I became a coach myself, I was able to reflect on what I had learned as a competitive athlete in order to coach future athletes who were looking up to me. My track within the club from aspiring athlete to Olympian to Coach will help me to continue to build and improve on the current Alpine Program as the Alpine Director.”    

SSWSC is confident that Lalive-Carmichael will excel in her new role, and is excited to have a former SSWSC athlete and Olympian to help guide the program through her own course to success.

 “She will be a force in leading our Alpine Competitive Program to a higher level of achievement,” said Executive Director Jim Boyne. “Our club’s vision is to produce Champions both on and off the mountain; in addition to her credentials, Caroline is an outstanding member of our community. She has proven herself a powerful athlete to the world, and locally she is a dedicated community member and a role model to all of our athletes, regardless of discipline. Her dedication to the athletes and her passion for the sport will continue to drive the Alpine program on its path of success.”

The Alpine Program was formerly directed by Olympic Gold Medalist Deb Armstrong, who will remain with the club as a coach in the Alpine discipline. Currently, the Alpine Program has nearly 500 athletes. To date, the SSWSC has produced a record of 88 Olympians who have achieved 151 Olympic appearances in 19 Winter Games representing 12 countries; more than any other town in North America.
Caroline Lalive
88 Olympians

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